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25 Hour Wheelchair Rugby Marathon


Sometimes we have to think about matters other than Football. There is a really worthwhile event taking place soon locally and it desereves our support. Dave Wilkinson is organising the event and the rest of this page is in Dave’s own words.


My name is Dave Wilkinson, I am 32 years old, ex Army and an amputee who plays for a wheelchair rugby club called ‘Dorset Destroyers’ over at Rossmore Leisure Centre in Parkstone. I am organising a 25 hour 30 minute wheelchair rugby game, it is up as a 24 hour event, however we have recently found out the record is 25 hours. So we are now going to smash it. When I researched this, the longest game played is 12 hours. Before I registered with Guinness World Records nothing came up in the search section, however when I registered with them, the event did show in the search bar. I find strange that nothing is on the internet for such an event and record set by the two teams. Hopefully we hear back from them soon, it takes 12 weeks to view the application and send out the paperwork. If we do not get it in time, we will go a head and beat the record 🙂

Our players have life changing injuries, which include spinal bifida, some are paralysed from the chest down, some have MS, one guy has a muscle deterioration disease, we have some other amputees too and various other life changing injuries. I think what I am trying to say, the injuries that our players have are challenging, however this sport helps to forget about their injuries for a few hours and have some form of normality so to speak. The players at Dorset Destroyers inspire me massively and motivate me too. They are like a family to myself and us all too.

Our aims and reasoning for doing the event are listed in the social media pages located below. I want to be able to create as much awareness as possible for the sport and get more people involved with the club, whether that is new players or creating relationships with people to move forward with the club too. I know GBWR do a great job promoting the sport for team GB, however it is the grassroots that get missed unfortunately. Some clubs have since folded due to the lack of funds, which is a shame because this has such an impact in a positive to the individuals who play the sport. I have also found out since promoting and organising this event, that some people have not heard of the sport or did not even know that they could play the sport too. We are raising money for 3 parties involved, most of the money will go to the rugby club, also with myself being ex Army, a percentage will go to the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund. The final one is a lady called Kath Ryan who runs a charity called cakes 4 casualties. Kath bakes cakes for injured military personnel, she has done this for over 8 years and travels all over the Country and around the World with the Invictus team and other military events. There is more detail of this event within the Just giving page located below. It’s hard for a grassroots wheelchair rugby club like ourselves to be able to generate and fundraise money as.

If you are able to share these on your social media pages that would be a massive help or even if you are able to contribute with any donation to the just giving page or support with donations to our raffle please, would be even more appreciated. There is no pressure to do any of them.

Also if you know anyone that would be interested to support our event, please put us in contact with them. We are also looking out for any new players to get involved with the sport, if you know anyone who is disabled and are looking to get involved with the sport, please let me know. If you know of any disabled individuals aged 18 and over, get them to checkout out social media pages and we can put them in contact with clubs closer to them if not ours. If you need anymore questions answering regarding the event in March, please email myself.

Our event will take place on Saturday 17th March 2018 at around 1300hrs As we will do a pre warm up and cool down before and after the game. This is held at:
Everyone Active Rossmore Leisure Centre,
Herbert Avenue,
BH12 4HR.

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