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This latest series of thoughts on my part is not to be taken as an indication that just because there was a bright performance against Concord and an outstanding result at Eastbourne that I feel that everything henceforward will all be cram packed with sparkling performances and successive wins. What I do want to say however is that the stuttering start to the season has been something constantly on the minds of the management, the Board and indeed the players.

In trying to rationalize the reasons behind the poor results during the first few weeks of the season, the first observation that sprang to mind was we had of course lost two players of huge significance in the summer being Marvin Brooks by virtue of him joining Salisbury and Luke Roberts by virtue of his ACL injury.

Marvin has of course now returned to everyone’s great delight and the acquisition of Warren Bentley has provided a significant goal threat in the absence of such a quality performer as Luke.

My message therefore to the supporters who came to us regularly last season but have not come in such numbers over the course of the last few weeks is COME BACK!

We have strengthened the side in a way that provides genuine optimism for the rest of the season.

We are playing the joint League leaders on Saturday in the shape of Braintree and it is a game that we are looking forward to with renewed confidence.

Get on down to the Black Gold and give the team another chance!

Chris Reeves


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