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As you will all readily appreciate the recent run of results and the negativity that has been forthcoming from certain quarters as a result has concerned me greatly. What an understatement! Let’s rephrase that. It has caused me hours of lying wide awake at night, totally unable to sleep.

It has been an ever present awareness that is not conducive to peace of mind. That is not an experience peculiar to me I know full well- Tom, Callum, Jamie Whisken, my colleagues on the Board and many others of course are going through the same process.

No one involved in the decision making process is being blasé – no one is just sitting back and thinking that we have anything other than real issues to address. I would urge on all our supporters that no one is hurting more than those I have mentioned. No one cares more.

What we must do, though, and I feel this very strongly is not lose sight of what has got us to where we are and just how much we have achieved over the last few years.

I am not going to repeat our on field triumphs, the league titles, the promotions.

Nor will I repeat the staggering record of success that Tom’s 14 years in charge has brought about. All Poole supporters know those things.

I will not remind supporters of how we have transformed the ploughed field we inherited at Tatnam into the Step 2 ground we now know as the Black Gold Stadium.

I will not remind our loyal faithful that perhaps Tom and the players deserve our unstinting support and backing as a thank you for all the good times and as an acknowledgment that this is the first ever spell of poor results like this since TK became our manager.

I will not remind supporters of the power of positivity over and above negativity- think of Liverpool 3-0 down at halftime in the European Champions final.

I don’t need to remind anyone of the above because we are Poole Town. We do things differently at our Club. We will fight tooth and nail to preserve our NLS status that we have achieved defying so many odds.

We will stick together, we will will keep the faith and we WILL get through this.


Chris Reeves

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