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Club Statement Regarding the National South Playoffs


Yesterday, the club received a letter from the National League, which covered two important issues.

Firstly, the letter confirms that we have achieved our Ground Grading B and that all our efforts have ensured our position in the National League South next season. Whilst the club had expected this after the FA’s feedback, this formality guarantees we will at least remain at Step 2 for next season.

The other topic discussed within the letter was our eligibility to compete in this year’s playoffs. The National League reiterated that due to the fact the Black Gold Stadium does not have 500 seats under cover, we remain unable to compete in this season’s playoffs.

In view of this, the club has declared its intention to appeal the decision. The National League has given the club 7 days to appeal, but due to the fact two of these days are Easter Bank Holidays, the club has asked for a two-day extension.

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