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Welcome to Poole Town Football Supporters’ Club!

Poole Town Football Supporters’ Club is run by supporters for the benefit of Poole Town Football Club. Regular meetings are held by the elected committee to discuss and agree items varying from fund raising, social events, travel to away games and other items of interest.   Input is always welcomed from supporters – the focus of the Supporters’ Club is always on enjoying football, and particularly enjoyment gained from supporting Poole Town.  As a Supporters’ Club member, you have the knowledge that you are contributing to the support of the Club through your yearly membership, but you also gain the advantage of reduced travel costs on the team coach, and reduced entry to certain social events.  Many social events are organised throughout the year.  Additional fundraising is undertaken throughout the year with the 100 Plus Club, and the last man standing competition.

Joining the Supporters’ Club

To become a member of the Supporters’ Club costs just £10.00 per year, or £5.00 for Junior members.  Just pop over to the Supporters’ Club & Shop ( affectionately known as The Pod) and speak to Rob or see Pippa, Marilyn or Lisa on match days and they will give you a form.  Membership year runs to the end of July.

Committee Meetings and how to be involved

Look below to see all the current members of the committee who are all eager to hear how anyone would like to be involved with the Supporters Club. There are many ways to be involved organising and helping out at social events, being an extra pair of hands at games or putting together fund raising ideas.  Just come and have a chat at home or away games or use the Contact Us page of the website.

 Fundraising activities on the go and how to participate  

Last Man Standing

Once again we are running this popular online fund raiser.  Full details are on the website link here, and the important part is that you stand a chance of winning half the total subscriptions and the Club receives the remainder.  Get your work colleagues and friends involved, as the more people who compete, the larger the prize fund.

Last Man Standing Competition 2017

The 100 Plus Club is an excellent fund raiser for the Club bringing in a healthy profit every year, and giving you the opportunity every month of winning one of the 2* £100 prizes, 2* £50.00 or 2* £25.00 prizes.  All this just costs £1.00 per week or to make it even easier, set up a standing order for only £4.33 per month for each number.  You can buy multiple numbers to stand an even better chance of winning.  You may notice the same names often come up as winners, that is due to the fact that these people often have multiple numbers.   Interested? Then talk to any one of the committee who should be able to give you a form, talk you through setting up a standing order and getting you into the system.  Or send an email to the supporters Club via

Breaking News – travel for 2017/2018 Season

The season proper starts on Saturday 5th August Away and for the first 5 games, Excelsior Coaches are providing us with a supporters Coach which will cost each person traveller only £15.  This is an experiment and if it is seen to be working they will continue through the season.   You can book on to the coach directly through Excelsior coaches, their link to book us here:
Excelsior Coaches exclusive booking page


Committee for 2016/2017

Club Officers

President                                                   Dave Matthews

Chair and Treasurer                                  Pippa Daniels

Vice Chair                                                 Marilyn Gower

Secretary                                                   Lisa Cann


Committee Members 


03-IMG_0006Dave Matthews







Pippa Daniels [ on left ]






Marilyn Gower [ in middle ]


Rob Sowerby [ on right ]










Lisa Cann

_MG_0119Sylvia Palmer

01-IMG_0002Cheeso [ Martin Smith – but I’ll keep looking for another picture ]

14-IMG_0043Karen Rhys

John Anderson, Mike Christopher, Pete Lewis

Hannah Devlin


Still looking for photographs of Gareth Hall, Rich Brown, Nikki Hart and Dave Osman

100 Club Plus Draw Jul 2017

1st Place (£100) :72 Richard Jones
2nd Place (£100) :110 Fred Carr
3rd Place (£50) :111 Rob Sowerby
4th Place (£50) :30 Sylvia Palmer
5th Place (£25) :52 John Wood
6th Place (£25) :46 Tony France

Interested in Joining the 100 Club Plus Draw ? Click here to find out more or click the menu above.

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